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Dreamwings Design is Back!!
More information is coming soon. Stay tuned...

Best regards,
The Original Dreamwings Design Founder
//Albert Ramic

Updated: 25-03-2012

Top Quality Freeware

  • 3D Studio Max models
  • True & Advanced FDE's
  • Eye candy details
  • Incredible realism
  • 100% Freeware
Old released FS9 addons

Some of the old released FS9 projects!

Under development

More info coming soon...

Old comments about Dreamwings

The Embraer 170

Have I piqued your interest at all? I had to be incredibly picky to find the few faults I did with this aircraft. Are you ready for some good news. This plane is free. That's right, this Gmax FS2002/FS2004 compatible model is free. After seeing a slew of articles bemoaning the death of freeware for flightsim fans, I should hope this fact would give everyone cause to rejoice. I have purchased add-ons for flightsim that total more than I care to calculate, and I like to get what I pay for. This plane is a return to the good old days of flightsimming. My final quality test of any plane is whether or not I feel it is a waste of space in my fleet. Would I miss it if it was gone? I would definitely miss the EMB-170 if it were removed from my fleet. This is a high quality airplane made available to the public. You are getting a great work of love from the creators. I recommend that all virtual pilots and virtual airlines snatch up a copy of this fine aircraft. I believe that you will also keep this plane in your fleet. See you in the air.

By Brian Smith (27 October 2003)

Full review: